What you Should Know…but probably don’t!!!

No matter how good it may feel…you should NEVER and I mean NEVER sleep on your stomach.  You can quickly cause headaches and chronic neck pain due to the imbalance and stress it puts on your spine.  When you wake in the morning you will probably feel pins & needles in your back due to the unnecessary pressure that is put on your nerves from this position.  Over time, sleeping on your stomach may develop into irreversible arthritic changes.

Don’t just take my word for it, Dr. Adam Tanase a chiropractor from Saint Louis who also is the official expert for Medhelp.org warns against it as well.  Dr. Tanase compares sleeping on your stomach while receiving regular chiropractic care to drinking a mountain dew after brushing your teeth!  He also has some great tips to break this bad habit, check it out at:


If you’re an avid stomach sleeper, please call us today at 608-848-6900 or visit our website to schedule a free spinal screening with Dr. Hammes, he will work with you to determine the best treatment plan to help reduce and eventually reverse the changes of this bad habit! Soon you’ll be on the way to feeling better and healing better with a good night’s rest!

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