The How’s and Why’s of Allergies

Over 26 million people are affected by allergies every year.  Typical symptoms of a allergies include nasal blockage, excessive mucous production, sore throat, stuffy head, and fatigue.

So what causes allergies…  Allergies are actually a reverse reaction of a normal immune response.  Rather than what you think of when you’re sick and you immune system can’t fight off the offending agent.  When allergies kick in your immune system responds to a non-offending agent to fight off something that does not need to be fought, such as pollen.  While the true reason to why somebody’s body reacts to allergens different than another person still remains a realitive mystery.  Many of the leading theories are environmental factors such as cigarette smoke, and lack of dietary antioxidants, and a lack of exposure to allergens as child due to improved air filtration in enclosed environments.

Are Drug’s the Answer?  The short answer is no…  While drugs can help with symptoms by using anti-histamines to stop the immune response the side effects sometimes seem like replacing one glass of water with another identical glass.  The other common allergy medication uses steroids as an anti-inflammatory.  However the use of steroids reduces the overall effectiveness of persons immune system and makes them susceptible other risks and infections.

So what can I do?  The first thing you can do is limit your exposure to allergens around the time that they effect you.  Intake regularly of Omege-3 Fatty Acids have shown to support healthy airways and also naturally favor the production of a bodies anti-inflammitories.  You can also increase your intake of anti-oxidants that reduce the build up of free radicals which are elevate in people with allergies.  Some of these anti-oxidants may include vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, the carotenoids, and the flavonoids.  Lastly recent studies have shown that alternative therapies such as acupuncture has proven to be effective in preventing allergies from even occurring.

Remember that we are always here to help you develop a program that will keep you healthy.  Bottom line our goal is always “Quality Care, To Feel Better, To Heal Better”.

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