Taking Antibiotics For Colds Can’t Help and May Hurt

According to a recent study in Lancet about a third of patients who see their doctors for upper respiratory tract infections get diagnosed with acute rhinosiniustus and out of that third, 80% are prescribed antibiotics for said diagnosis.  This is done even though doctors don’t have a clear criteria to distinguish between a bacterial infection and a viral infection.

This is important because antibiotics are effective in treating bacterial infections but do no good against viruses like the common cold.  In fact taking an antibiotic when you have a virus raises your chances of getting an infection later on that is resistant to antibiotics.

The general conclusion of this study is that people diagnosed with acute rhinosinutus should not receive antibiotics.  Did you know that colds, flus, most sore throats, and bronchitis are all caused by viruses that must run their course.

Being sick is a horrible feeling, but when dealing with the common cold it is more beneficial for your long term well being to tough it out and remember antibiotics are never the answer.  To help combat your symptoms; load your body with vitamin c, fluids, lemon tea with honey, and get plenty of sleep.

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