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What you Should Know…but probably don’t!!!

No matter how good it may feel…you should NEVER and I mean NEVER sleep on your stomach.  You can quickly cause headaches and chronic neck pain due to the imbalance and stress it puts on your spine.  When you wake in the morning you will probably feel pins & needles in your back due to the unnecessary pressure that is put on your nerves from this position.  Over time, sleeping on your stomach may develop into irreversible arthritic changes. Don’t […]

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Are Too Many Options Bringing Down Your Wellness??

Spinal Manipulation mixed with home exercise has been proven to be more effective than general medications such as anti-inflammatory and/or acetaminophen for the treatment of acute to subacute neck pain.  According to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, participants showed significant short-term and long-term improvements of at least a 50% pain reduction in the spinal manipulation group compared to those receiving medication.  To further support this, participants in the spinal manipulation group reported overall higher patient satisfaction, greater global […]

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