Make Stress your #1 Health Concern

Spinal and nerve system deterioration has nothing to do with age.  All your bones and nerves are of course the same chronological age, but depending on their alignment and ability to function normally they all age separately.  This is why it’s extremely important to cut down on the interference and pressure put on your nervous system and joints, because the less pressure put on your nerves, the younger and healthier your body will feel.  Think of a cell phone, in order to have a good connection, you must be in a well serviced area with towers available.  Like this, your genetic intelligence (nervous system) must communicate with the rest of your body 24/7 without interference (stress) in order to stay healthy.

Ultimately, we can help our bodies’ natural defenses by learning to handle and deal with stress better.  When we learn to relax, our T-cell (white blood cells) count goes up.  Chiropractic adjustments have proven to significantly increase white blood cell production for over thirty minutes following an adjustment.  Pair this with effective stress handling and you’re on the way to making the wise choices towards a better overall well-being and healthier you!  You can either make choices towards optimal health or away from optimal health towards sickness and disease…the choice is all yours!!


Schedule your free spinal screening and/or adjustment today, and be on your way to living a longer healthier life!

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