Conquering Old Age: Tips to Reduce Arthritic Pain

Conquering Old Age: Tips to Reduce Arthritic Pain

One in every five people in the U.S. suffer from arthritis pain. For some, arthritis can become so debilitating that holding a pencil, walking down the stairs, or opening a jar seem to be nearly impossible tasks.

There are several types of arthritis, including degenerative, rheumatoid, and psoriatic. The most common form of arthritis is degenerative.

Arthritis affects everyone differently. In some, the joints in the spine, fingers, wrists, shoulders are most problematic. In others, the knees, ankles, and toes become most inflamed and painful.

As inflammation in a joint occurs, pressure is created, which damages the surrounding tissues. If this continues unchecked, the joints degrade over time, leading to bone spurs and scar tissue masses. Bone spurs, called osteophytes, and scar tissue push joints out of place and cause even more pressure to build up. This pressure can block or press on nerves.

Symptoms of arthritis include:
Joint pain
Loss of muscle control
Muscle spasms
Stabbing pain in the extremities
Joint stiffness

The cause of arthritis is, most often, age. As our bodies slow down, injuries, suppressed or weakened immune systems, and the simple wearing down of our bodies can lead to arthritic conditions. Regardless of the cause, the result is pain, limited mobility, and diminished strength and function.

Natural Arthritis Solutions
The goal with all health concerns should be to address the root problem. Healing can take place, and often damage reversed, when patients focus on resolving their core health issues. Unfortunately, most methods of controlling arthritic pain fail to address the core problems, and instead focus on curbing the pain.

The majority of medications prescribed for arthritis pain have a loooooong list of dangerous possible side effects (everything from heartburn to cataracts to bone loss and strokes.) These medications don’t prevent or reverse arthritic conditions. They work by masking symptoms as the condition gradually worsens.

Many people are seeking natural, alternative therapies to manage arthritis pain and prevent further degradation of their bodies. And thankfully, between our crew at Apple Wellness and the supportive staff at Hammes Family Chiropractic, we know how to reduce arthritis pain naturally — and even reverse its progression. Supplements, natural therapies such as chiropractic and massage, and some basic home practices will be your key to controlling your arthritis pain.

Natural Therapies for Arthritis
The best way to heal the body is to provide the body with the support it needs to do so. Natural therapies, such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage encourage the body to heal and function optimally through alignment, balancing energy, and stimulating immune activity.

Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic care is a powerful tool in relieving arthritis pain at the roots. When a joint or vertebrae is fixed or out of place, stuck or uneven surfaces will begin to grind together. This grinding and incorrect alignment leads to inflammation in the area.

As the inflammation builds up, arthritis occurs. Arthritis will most often trouble us in our knees, hands, and feet, but can affect all joints and soft tissues of the body. In most situations, a lack of alignment is the original cause behind this pain and inflammation.

The goal of your chiropractor is to gently realign your spinal column and musculoskeletal system to relieve this inflammation. When the body is in its natural shape and proper alignment, mobility is improved and inflammation allowed to recede. The brain and body are better able to communicate, and healing will naturally occur.

For some patients, regular adjustments are able to significantly reduce their current arthritis symptoms and prevent new painful arthritic areas from appearing. The timeframe of treatment is crucial, however. When a joint is stuck for more than seven days, micro-tears begin to appear in the soft tissue of the area. The longer this continues, the more damage is done.

We strongly suggest that those with arthritis see a chiropractor regularly to prevent misalignments. Frequency of visits will vary with the needs of each patient, so it’s best to see a chiropractor you trust so that they can assess your case.

Summary of Chiropractic:
Can prevent arthritis from occuring
Helps your body heal from arthritis
Reduces swelling
Improves skeletal alignments for better mobility, flexibility, and overall health

Acupuncture is a holistic health technique that utilizes slender needles, which are carefully inserted into specific points in the skin. These points are usually nerve centers, where energy needs to be rerouted or released, restoring balance to the body.

One of the most popular uses of acupuncture is to reduce and control chronic pain throughout the body, and arthritis is one of the pain conditions most often treated. In fact, a 2012 study done by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics concluded that acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic pain related to osteoarthritis and inflammation.

Summary of Acupuncture:
Pain relief
Restores balance to the body
Reduces inflammation

Massage Therapy
Who doesn’t want an excuse to get a massage? Well, now you have one! According to the Arthritis Foundation, regular massages on arthritic joints can diminish pain and stiffness, and improve your range of motion. Massage soothes stiff, inflamed muscles and encourages circulatory flow. As more blood comes into the area, nutrients and oxygen are brought in to help heal and replenish cells within the area. Toxins and excess fibrin can be removed, as well, encouraging further healing.

Summary of Massage Therapy:
Diminishes joint pain and stiffness
Improves range of motion
Encourages better circulation for healing

Natural Supplements for Arthritis Relief
BCM Curcumin
Curcumin is derived from the yellow Indian spice turmeric. This brilliantly colored spice has been used in traditional and holistic medicine for nearly four thousand years. Curcumin has been well-established in modern medicine as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant (anti-aging) nutrient.

The power of curcumin is that it surpasses most pharmaceutical pain relief medications while offering absolutely none of the negative side effects common to pharmaceutical pain relief medications. Arthritis pain relief drugs are often opiates that do nothing to stop the bone and joint destruction caused by both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis — they only temporarily relieve the pain.

Curcurmin, on the other hand, gets to the root of the arthritis problem by fighting the joint-damaging effects of arthritis by reducing multiple inflammatory targets at once. This article unwraps a ton of helpful information on curcumin.

Summary of Curcumin:
Curcumin helps patients reduce arthritis pain naturally
Relieves joint tenderness and swelling
Curcumin produces measurable changes of inflammatory factors on blood tests
Curcumin helps to resolve the root of the arthritis problem
Curcumin promotes cellular regeneration with a powerhouse of antioxidants

Cannabis is an ancient herb that’s been used as a pain reliever and healer for thousands of years. More recently, it has begun to receive the recognition it deserves in Western medicine practices. This herb holds a lot of promise for helping people heal arthritis naturally.

Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory effects. All of these help to improve the condition of arthritis by soothing tissues in the affected areas, and naturally strengthening the immune response to clear away the damaged tissues.

Many experts agree that CBD oil is helpful in reducing the pain and inflammation associated with all types of arthritis, including Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, degenerative, and other types of inflammatory joint diseases.

But cannabis can do more than just relieve the pain of arthritis. Research shows that it may also be able to reverse it, allowing greater mobility and flexibility, and reduced inflammation and pain. CBD oil can be safely used multiple times throughout the day and over long stretches of time with no side effects.

Summary of CBD Oil:
Safely relieves joint and nerve pain
Soothes inflamed tissues
Strengthens immune response to clear away damaged tissue
May potentially reverse arthritis

Baxyl (Hyaluronan)
Hyaluronan, or hyaluronic acid, is composed of repeating disaccharides of glucuronic acid and glucosamine. This complicated-sounding nutrient is directly or indirectly involved in every physiological function of the body. You can find it in cartilage, skin, vertebral discs, bones, the heart, eyes, and virtually every other soft tissue in the body. But while it is present everywhere, it’s most recognized for the vital role it plays in maintaining joint health.

Hyaluronan is found in the synovial fluid, where it provides lubrication for fluid motion of the joints. This offers relief for people with arthritis, because the friction of bone-to-bone movement and swollen joints are eased, allowing the joints to begin the healing process.

But that’s not all. Within the bone itself, Baxyl aids in the bone modelling and remodelling process. As arthritis progresses, bone tissue is built up around the joints as an attempt to heal the damage being done. Unfortunately, this hardens into bone spurs that actually contribute to the problem. Baxyl allows the bone to regenerate correctly, slowing the progression of arthritis.

Summary of Baxyl:
Lubricates joints, preventing and relieving arthritic conditions
Reduces inflammation through lubrication
Helps the body remodel the bones, slowing the progression of arthritis

Fibrin is a protein involved in blood clotting. When you sustain an injury, whether a bruise, a cut, or other damage, fibrin proteins rush to the injured area for healing. They clot the blood around the area to protect and nourish the healing cells. After a few days of repairs, your body sends in enzymes to clean up the excess fibrin and allow the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels to return to normal.

Unfortunately, most of our bodies aren’t able to follow this process very well. Pain medications cancel the body’s signal to activate the enzymes that clean up the fibrin, and so, instead, fibrin continues to go to the scene of the injury. Over time, the fibrin molecules thicken and stiffen, forming webs of hard scar tissue. This build-up can block blood vessels, irritate or inhibit muscle function, and leads to inflammation within the area. Long-term, you’re looking at restricted blood flow, diminished oxygen, slowed healing, reduced mobility, and lots of pain that results from inflammation.

Fibromyalgia and — you guessed it — rheumatoid arthritis are the end result.

Pharmaceutical companies don’t talk about this condition much, because they know that if you were aware, you’d focus on ridding your body of excess fibrin, rather than spend thousands of dollars on their painkillers (which only serve to worsen the problem).

Fibrenza is a supplement with a blend of 14 powerful systemic enzymes that are specifically formulated to trigger and aid the body’s ability to dissolve fibrin and detoxify the body. As the fibrin is removed, inflammation will decrease and diminished scar tissue masses will allow for renewed mobility, faster healing, healthier immune function, and, best of all, significantly reduced arthritic pain.

Summary of Fibrin:
Removes excess fibrin from damaged areas
Decreases inflammation
Reduces scar tissue
Improves immune function
Improves joint mobility
Reduces arthritis pain

Additional Natural Ways to Reduce Arthritis Pain
There are some easy, simple ways that you can reduce arthritis pain naturally by simply modifying your lifestyle.

Weight Loss
Your weight might be making a big impact on your quality of life. Extra weight causes undue pressure and stress on your joints — especially your knees, hips, and feet. Weight loss can improve mobility, reduce inflammation, decrease pain, and, most importantly, protect your joints from ongoing damage that leads to and/or worsens arthritis pain.

Exercise can be helpful, but too much or the wrong type of exercise can be harmful. Choose exercise practices that are low-impact so that you don’t put excess pressure on those sore joints. Yoga, aerobics, swimming, walking, hiking, golf, and bicycling are all good options. When you do exercise, remember to wear comfortable, supportive shoes and any other supportive gear (such as knee or back braces) that your medical practitioner might recommend.

Reduce Stress
The connection between stress and inflammation within the body has been clear for many, many years. Stress causes your body to release hormones that affect your immune system, leading to inflammation and often a flare up of arthritis.

One of the best ways to manage stress is through meditation or prayer. Simple breathing exercises used in meditative practices slow your heart rate and help your body focus on healing. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), studies have shown the meditation and mindfulness practices were very helpful for people with joint pain, and especially productive for those with arthritis and depression.

Hot and Cold Therapy
This simple practice can be extremely helpful in quickly relieving arthritic pain. Warm baths or showers, electric blankets and hot water bottles are all helpful for loosening and easing stiff joints. Ice packs applied to sore areas can quickly (but temporarily) relieve joint pain and inflammation.

Find Pain Relief Help for Arthritis
You don’t have to suffer without help. Hammes Family Chiropractic and the Wellness Consultants at Apple Wellness can work with you to ease the pain of arthritis naturally, safely, and with simple remedies that support your body — rather than harm it with dangerous pharmaceutical pain killers.

We’re excited to help you on your journey to a healthier, happier life.

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