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At Hammes Family Chiropractic we strive to provide the best and most affordable health care to the community. Dr. Hammes uses a variety of traditional manual adjusting techniques as well as the latest technology, The Proadjuster.

The Proadjuster is a computerized method of scanning the spine,performing adjustments and re-scanning the spine to measure the effectiveness of the adjustment.   In addition to visually tracking progress on the screen, it allows Dr. Hammes to control the amount of force used. This helps patients who are anxious to rid themselves of pain but are still squeamish of the normal pops, bends and twists that come with traditional adjustments,

It is also a great technique for the entire family, including children! Dr. Hammes is a trained Golf Injury Doctor, specializing in diagnosis and treatment of common golf injuries, helping many improve their golf game. In addition we offer Massage Therapy, Nutritional Counseling and Acupuncture.show patients a before and after on the computer screen. It is a great option for those that may be apprehensive of the traditional bending, popping and twisting associated with manual techniques.

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Kid’s Play Area

We know that today’s parents are always on the go and sometimes have a hard time to make room for their own healing when the have to worry about their children’s first. Hammes Family Chiropractic feels that it is very important to make time for yourself as well. That is why we are proud to offer a Child’s Play Area for all of our parent patients who like to bring the whole family.